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Play Live Bridge Games Online

Starting a Live Bridge Game has a couple of extra steps but if you've already played Bridge games against the computer then the actions of bidding and playing Bridge hands will be familiar. The only difference in this area is some of the Bridge players may be real people.

To begin the Live Bridge Game you have two choices - join an existing table or start a new table and invite others to join you.


Join an existing Bridge table

From the main page on Bridge Doctor click on the LIVE GAMES link, this will take you to the live Bridge games screen. There are two boxes on the left of the screen. The left box lists the players in your current area (when you first arrive you are in the 'Lobby'. In the next box is a list of tables being played and in brackets is the number of real players in each game (if there are less than 4 players at a table then the other hands are played by the computer).

To join the Table click on the Table name and click on the confirmation panel that appears click OK. If there are less than 4 players in the game click on an empty place (white box) or click on the 'watch' if you just want to watch the game. From then on the game plays the same as in SOLO game.

When a Table is created the other players are automatically created by the computer. These computer player will play the other hands. If anyone joins your Table they will replace one of the computer players. If they leave your table, a computer player will automatically take over playing that hand so the game is not interupted.


In live game you can chat with the other players. As a beginner this can be extremely useful, however not all players will want to chat during a game so best to ask if it ok at the beginning of the game.