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Play Contract Bridge Online - Against The Computer

Playing Bridge online against the computer is where most people start with BridgeDoctor - when you play Bridge against the computer you can practise at your own pace.

Once you have logged in, from the main page on Bridge Doctor, click on the PLAY link then select 'Play against the computer'.

The Bridge Table and three other players will display. Your Bridge cards are at the bottom of the screen (a red triangle/arrow will point to your hand of cards when it is your turn). To bid, just click on the bidding panel in the bottom right of the screen.

The Bridge Bidding continues until three players choose 'No Bid".

When it is your turn to play, yours or your partner's Bridge hand, just click on the card you wish to play (the red arrow will indicate when it is your turn to play a card and which hand to play from).

The Bridge game continues until all cards are played.

At any time during the Bridge game you may click on one of the menu items along the top of the screen:

Leave Table - returns to the main BridgeDoctor menu

Help - basic instructions for the SOLO Bridge game

Settings - to change the Bridge bidding system from American Standard to ACOL

Redeal - the current hands will be dealt again with exactly the same cards again. This allows you to replay a hand as many times as you like - a great way to learn Bridge.

Auction - displays the bidding window after the game has started (click on the link and hold the mouse button down).

Trick - while playing the game displays the last hand
(click on the link and hold the mouse button down).

Deal - deals a fresh set of cards