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Teach Bridge Online

The SOLO Bridge game now has a new menu item called "Display". Here you can control which cards are displayed on screen (eg. display your partner's or opponents cards). You can also choose if the Bridge computer plays the other hands (or you do).

Computer Play
Normal - You play your hand and the Bridge computer plays the others.
All - The Bridge computer plays all hands
None - Bridge computer plays no hands, you play them all.
Draw - click the pencil icon then use your mouse to draw on the screen. Extremely useful for instructors using the screen to illustrate a point (eg. circle a hand or card). Click on the second pencil to erase the drawing.

Cards Display
Normal - You can see just your hand and your Bridge partner's once bidding is comlete.
All - display all cards in all hands
None - display no cards
N E S W - toggle individual card hands on or off.