UPDATE: A list of members in the Live Game lobby (or in a room with less than 4 players) now appears below the Practice and Competition game pages. This enables members to continue to play against the computer while they wait for Live Game players. You'll also see a 'Yes/No' choice above the list of waiting Live Game players. If you click on the 'Yes' then you'll be alerted whenever a player enters the lobby. This enables members to focus on playing against the computer without constantly checking the waiting players list.

TIP: If you open the Live Game in a separate Browser Tab, then login to the lobby (or enter a room) you can then switch back and forth between the Live Game and playing against the computer without losing the game in either place.

Play Live Bridge Online

Our Live Bridge game is back. It's not quite complete yet but members can now play against other members.

IMPORTANT: Chat in the Live Game should NOT be considered private. While it is unlikely that anyone other than those in the room will see chat, it is possible that occasionally Bridgedoctor staff may see part or all of a chat sequence during the course of routine maitenance and development, or if a member (or our AI) complains about about the behaviour of another member. So, while it is rare that others outside the room would see the chat, please consider chat as a public conversation and don't share any personal information in the chat.

As mentioned above, if there are less than 4 people at the table, there isn't yet an automated robot to fill in for the missing player. For this reason we recommend you login at one of the following times to optimize your chances of having enough people to play with.

EST New York: 3pm or 8pm.
CST Central Time: 2pm or 7pm.
PST San Francisco: 12pm or 5pm.
UK London: 8pm.
Australia East Coast  10am.

The first time you visit the Live Game, you will be asked for your Bridgedoctor email address, username and password. On later visits you will just login with your email address and password.

IMPORTANT: Bridgedoctor is a learning environment. While competition is an important part of learning, the best learning occurs when players feel safe and secure without criticism and negative comments from other players. If you agree to these principles please click the link below and try out the Live Game (at one of the suggested times).

The Live Game is currently at a separate web address and members need to login to the Live Game separately from the main Bridgedoctor website.


If you have any difficulties accessing the Live Game please contact us with the details, or if you prefer, wait until it is fully integrated into Bridgedoctor.



Is it complete yet? Not quite but members can create and join rooms, chat, and play Bridge against other members. Here's the main features still to complete:

  • the 'robot' to play against when there are less than 4 players in a room. The robot has been created and will be introduced into the game after testing has been completed.

  • Sometimes a 'room' is not removed after all players leave, so if you see a room with just one player in it and they're not responding to requests to join then it's likely the player has already left. We will be clearing these 'orphan' rooms on a regular basis while we work on a solution.

  • The Live Game is currently at a separate web address and members need to login to the Live Game separately from the main Bridgedoctor website.

  • Once the above issues have been resolved, the Live Game will be integrated into the main Bridgedoctor menu as it was previously and then we have a long list of features other to add.

  • The Live Game is only available to full members (paid subscribers). Also, if you have joined us recently, your name may not be on the access list for the Live Game. When you first access the Live Game, if you are a full member (paid subscriber) and if you see a message saying 'Access not allowed' then please contact us and we will add you to the Live Game. Once the Live Game is integrated into the main Bridgedoctor site, there will only be a single login for all services.