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Standard American Bridge Lesson 2

Opening Bids at the Level of 1

Ranking of Suits - the ranking of bids from highest to lowest

NT NoTrumps
These are listed in descending order: NoTrumps (NT) is the highest bid winning over suit bids:
Spades is the highest ranking suit
followed by hearts
then by diamonds
and the lowest ranking suit is clubs

Comment: The importance of this ranking is to do with winning the bidding for a contract. You can win the contract at any level by bidding a higher ranking suit

Opener’s First Bid

The first person to make a bid (other than pass) is called the opener. You should have at least 13 TP to open the bidding.

Start with your longest suit – “Length before Strength”.

When you open with a bid at the level of 1 you are saying that you expect to win at least 7 tricks out of the 13 tricks available in the game. This bid also nominates the suit you bid as the trump suit.

The rules differ according to whether you open a major or minor suit.

The Major Suits are Spades and Hearts

1 or 1 , opening bids

· 13-21 TP
· promises a 5-card suit
· open longest suit
· with two 5-card suits, open the higher ranked suit

Hand 1.

Your Hand
J 5 4 3 2
6 5
Your Bid
The correct opening bid here is 1 Even though the spade suit is stronger, the heart suit is longer and should be bid first.

Minor Suits - Diamonds and Clubs

1 or 1 opening bids

· 13-21 TP
· your better minor suit
· promises at least a 3- card suit
· open longest suit, regardless of quality
· with two 4-card suits, open the lower ranked suit

Hand 2.

Your Hand
A 8 6 3
A Q 3 2
Your Bid
The correct opening bid here is 1. With two 4-card minors open the lower. You can bid your spade suit later, if possible.


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