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Acol Lesson 13

Responding to No Trump Rebids

Responding to your partners No Trump bid is not very different to responding to an opening No Trump bid. Responder simply calculates the total point count and decides…

  • whether or not to bid game
  • whether to play the hand in a suit contract or notrumps.

The only difference between responding to an opening 1NT and responding to a notrump rebid is that the opener will have shown a different number of points. The notrump bidder usually leaves the final decision regarding the contract to partner.

Hand 1.
North Hand
Q J 4
A J 7 4
K 9 7
A J 6
North East South West
1 P 1 P

South Hand
A K 7 6
6 5
J 5 4 2
Q 5 2

Comment: Opener North shows 11-19HCP on first bid; Responder South shows 4 or more looking to see if there is a fit in spades;North's rebid is a limit bid precisely 15-17 HCP;South recalculates and knows there are enough points for game and so bids 3NT

Hand 2.
North Hand
A Q 5
K 5
A 9 4 3
Q 5 4 2
North East South West
1 P 1 P
1NT P 2 P

South Hand
J 3
Q 9 8 7 4 3
6 5 2
K 6

Comment: The next example is a very important one. Opener shows 15-16 HCP by the rebid of 1NT; Responder calculates there are not enough HCP for game so bids 2 no interest in game; This bid in the second round is a weakness takeout;The principle is the same as if the opening bid had been 1NT and it is important that the opener doesn’t bid again.

Hand 3.
North Hand
A Q 5
K 5 3
A Q 4 3
K J 5
North East South West
1 P 1 P
2NT P 4 P

South Hand
K J 7 6 4 3
Q 9 8 2
J 5 2

Comment: On the next example, North the opener shows 11-19HCP on the first round of bidding but has enough HCP to jump to 2NT (18-19HCP) on the second round; That doesn’t mean the auction is over. Responder is still allowed to keep bidding and, in this case, bids 4 saying "this is the best place for game". Responder knows that opener has a balanced hand meaning that responder can be certain of 2's giving a spade fit.

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