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Bidding "Game" - Acol Lesson 3

What is Game? "Game" has a special meaning when you play bridge

We now know that the opener needs 11 TP (or 12-14 HCP if bid is 1NT) to start the bidding. Opener’s partner is called the responder. Responder needs only 6 HCP to make a minimum bid but, if they have enough points, in their combined hands they should bid to "Game."

"Game" is:

3NT or 4 or 4 or 5 or 5

Scores the partnership a big points bonus

Bidding 3NT requires winning 9 tricks

Bidding 4, 4 requires winning 10 tricks

Bidding 5, 5 requires winning 11 tricks

When to bid "Game."

You need at least 26 points between you and your partner to bid "Game."

If responder has 13 points or more, then it is right to bid game. This is because:
12 (opener) + 13 (responder) = 25 TP


Which "Game" to bid?

1. "Game" in opener’s Major suit (26 TP's and a Fit in trumps between you and your partner)

If you have 4 cards in your partner’s suit, you have at least 8 trumps between you. Partner has promised at least 4 with the opening bid. Having 8 trumps is called a FIT. If you have a fit in a major, that will be the best place to play your game.

2. "Game" in Notrumps (25 HCP's between you and your partner)

If you don’t have 4-card support for your partner’s major suit, you should usually bid 3NT.

3. "Game" in opener’s Minor suit (27 TP's between you and your partner)

Avoid game in a minor suit if possible, because you will probably score more points in 3NT and you only have to make 9 tricks instead of 11.

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