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Beginner Bridge - Acol Lesson 4

Responding to your partners "Opening"("responder bids")

In a bridge game it isn’t always possible to support your partners opening bid.  Sometimes you have to explore for a better fit. (A fit means that you have 8 trumps between you).                    

If you bid in a new suit this is forcing on your partner to keep bidding going (a "forcing" bid) for one round. You promise at least 4 cards in the suit you bid.  

If you bid a new suit at the 1-level this shows your partner you have at least 6 HCP.

Usually you keep the bidding as low as you can to leave more room to explore for a suit fit.

Bid a suit at the 1-level if possible (6 HCP)

 Bid 1NT to show you have no 4 card Major
and 6-9 HCP

To bid at the 2-level, you need 10 HCP

Example: Partner opens 1 and you have the hands below.

Hand 1.
Your Hand
Q 9 8 2
10 2
A 6 5
A 10 7 6
Your Bid
Bid 1. Keep the bidding as low as possible when changing suit and be prepared to bid again as this is a good hand

Hand 2.
Your Hand
9 8 2
10 2
A 6 5
Q 10 7 6 3
Your Bid
1NT (No Trump) is the best bid,
as you dont have a very strong hand (only 2 honor cards)

Hand 3.
Your Hand
Q 8 2
Q 2
A 6 5
A 10 7 6 5
Your Bid
Now you can bid 2, as you have
enough HCP to bid at the 2- level

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Keep the bidding as low as possible when you are changing suit.

Beginner Bridge - Acol Lesson 4

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