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How To Play Bridge - Acol Lesson 9

Responding To Overcalls

It is important to bid if you possibly can so as to make life difficult for your opponents, and to keep them out of their best contract. The principle is the same for the overcaller’s partner as it is for the overcaller It is the length and quality of the trump suit that you overcall which matters. A big difference from being opener and responder is that by overcalling, your partner has shown a 5-card suit by overcalling so you need only 3 trumps to support them.

Partner overcalls 1 after opposition open 1 . What do you bid?

Hand 3.
Your Hand
9 7
9 6 2
A Q J 5 3
K 3 2
Your Bid
Pass. Your partner is promising a good spade suit, so there is no need o do anything. You don’t have a fit in spades.

Hand 4.
Your Hand
9 7 3
9 6 2
Q J 5 3
K 3 2
Your Bid
Bid 2. You have a fit. Push the bidding up a level. Your opponents have to bid at the 3-level now to win the contract!



Rounded Rectangle: Simple overcall = Good 5-card suit

Rounded Rectangle: A  Good Suit  has at least  2 of the top 4 honors

How to Play Bridge - Acol Lesson 9   

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