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1. Introduction To Bridge - Hand Evaluation
2. Opening Bids
3. Bidding Game
4. Responder Bidding
5. Opener Rebids
6. Responder Suit Bids
7. Responder No Trump Bids
9. Responding To Overcalls
10. Opening 1NT
11. Responding With Balanced Hands
12. Responding With An Unbalanced Hand
13. NoTrump Rebids
14. Responses To NoTrump Rebids
15. Overcall Or Double
16. Takeout Doubles
17. Responses To Takeout Doubles
18. Opening 2NT
19. Responses To 2NT
20. Opening Strong 2 Clubs
21. Responding to a Strong 2 Club Opening
22. Responding to an Opening Weak 2 Bid




Standard American Lesson 5

Quiz Answers

1. Choose your opening bid.

(a) (b) (c)
KQ6 87 A93
A1087 KQ5 A103
Q732 Q983 AJ654
A7 AQ84 Q4
(a) 1NT 15-17  
(b) 1 followed by 1NT  
(c) 1NT 15-17  

(d) (e) (f)
A9 A9863 K7
AJ1073 AKQ10 Q87
K76 64 AQJ108
962 32 A52
(a) 1 13-21 TP. Unbalanced with a 5-card major  
(b) 1 13-21 TP. Unbalanced with a 5-card majo  
(c) 1NT 15-17. Balanced with a 5-card minor  


2. What do you respond with these hands?

(i) if partner opens 1.
(ii) if partner opens 1NT.

(a) (b) (c)
976 76 AJ9
J1087 KQ5 AQ10
Q732 J98 J7
A7 ,AQ84 J8432

(i) 2♥- limit raise 6-9 3 - limit raise 10-12 2 - 4 next
(ii) Pass- no game possible 3NT- plenty this time 3NT - no major fit

(d) (e) (f)
AQ10732 986 K7
A9 98 QJ7
K76 J86543 AQJ1087
96 Q6 85


(i) 1 - no fit Pass 2♦ - keep it low to explore

(ii) 4 -1NT has

at least 2 spades

2. You choose best contract 3NT- no major fit

(i) if partner opens 1.
(ii) if partner opens 1NT.

(g) (h) (i)
K87654 K87654 K87
76 AJ7 9764
854 AK2 732
64 2 K54


(i) Pass 1 - no fit 2♥- support partner
(ii) 2 4 - fit Pass–no game



3. Explain in your own words the difference between a 1NT opening bid and a 1♥ opening bid.

1NT is specific both in shape and strength. The hand is balanced and restricted to 15-17 HCP.

1 is somewhere between 13-21 TP and could be any shape. All you know is that the hand will contain at least 5 hearts.


4. Why do you always pass as responder after partner’s 1NT opening, when you have a balanced hand and 7 HCP?

Partner’s maximum is 17 so there is absolutely no possibility of game.


5. Why do you never pass as responder after partner’s 1♠ opening, when you have a balanced hand and 7 HCP?

Now partner’s maximum could be 21 TP, so you need to keep the bidding open in case there is a possibility of game.


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