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1. Introduction To Bridge - Hand Evaluation
2. Opening Bids
3. Bidding Game
4. Responder Bidding
5. Opener Rebids
6. Responder Suit Bids
7. Responder No Trump Bids
9. Responding To Overcalls
10. Opening 1NT
11. Responding With Balanced Hands
12. Responding With An Unbalanced Hand
13. NoTrump Rebids
14. Responses To NoTrump Rebids
15. Overcall Or Double
16. Takeout Doubles
17. Responses To Takeout Doubles
18. Opening 2NT
19. Responses To 2NT
20. Opening Strong 2 Clubs
21. Responding to a Strong 2 Club Opening
22. Responding to an Opening Weak 2 Bid




Standard American Lesson 7

Quiz Answers

1. Right-hand opponent opens 1. What do you do?

(a) (b) (c)
KQ6 87 963
A1087 KQ5 AKJ98
Q732 Q983 654
A7 AQ84 64

(a) Double. Perfect shape.
(b) Pass. You are short in spades
(c) 1. Typical overcall.

(d) (e) (f)
A9 AK863 K7
AQ1073 AQ104 QJ7
K76 64 AQJ1087
962 32 85

(d) 1.  Typical overcall.
(e) 1.    Overcall. Maybe you can bid hearts next.
(f) Double. Let partner choose the trump suit.


2. Left-hand opponent opens 1, and partner overcalls 1. What do you do?

(a)  (b) (c)
K76 876 K9
J1087 K952 9762
Q732 95 AQ103
A7 AQ84 532

(a) 2.   Raise partner, as you have a fit.         
(b) 2.   Same again. The quality of the trump suit doesn’t matter.
(c) Pass. No fit.

(d) (e) (f)
9 986 K732
QJ7532 8 Q8
K763 J86543 AQJ87
96 Q62 85

d) Pass. You want your opponent to bid again.
(e) 2.   A fit.   You hope to put your opponents off bidding, as they have the strength.
(f) 4. Great trumps and great strength.  


3. Left-hand opponent opens 1 , partner doubles.   What do you do?

((a) (b) (c)
K76 876 AQ
J1087 K952 AQ10
Q732 95 Q7632
A7 AQ84 J32

(a) 3. Your partner has an opening hand and a fit, as the double promises all the other suits.         
(b) 2. Not so strong this time .
(c) 3NT. You and your partner have opening hands, so you should have enough for game.


4. What is the difference between a double and an overcall?

A double promises a GOOD HAND with support for all the unbid suits. It is up to you to choose the trump suit.
An overcall promises a GOOD SUIT. Partner only wants to know if you have support for that suit.

5. What is the difference between responding to a double and responding to an overcall?

You must respond to a double unless it is cancelled by another bid.
You should usually only respond to an overcall with a fit.


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